Chloé Renier, creator

Shanna jewelry

From jewellery…

With her infographic designer degree behind her, Chloé Renier began her career in the fashion world by making jewellery and publishing a how-to manual about her creations, all four numbers of which, translated into several languages, went on to make sales of more than 100 000 copies. Moreover, she was entrusted with a column on the subject in a women’s magazine. She created her label Shanna, named after her daughter, in 2005 and sealed her first successes with her jewellery, which combines materials and fabrics.

…to scarves

With gold on her fingertips and her head full of ideas, in 2013 Chloé launched a line of scarves in this same “mix & match” spirit which went on to trigger a real scarf-mania. Guided by her instinct, she finds her source of inspiration at the moment of choosing the fabrics in the fashion capital and links them with the feeling.

Chloé Renier, creator of Shanna

Reinventing oneself

Her talent secured her the prize in the “Business of the Year” category of the “Verviétois de l’année 2014” contest.
However, Chloé Renier does not envisage quitting while she is making such good headway, and is brimming with projects. The in-house printing of Shanna-branded fabrics is one of the features on the agenda in the near future.